Are you tired of replacing your mulch?

Application of Red Mulch

Are you tired of replacing your mulch every year just because the color has faded? Over-mulching is not only expensive, it can actually harm your plants and trees over time.


Stop over-mulching and start beautifying your landscape with BarkBrite™ Mulch Colorant. BarkBrite™ is environmentally friendly and easy to use. Simply mix the 12oz. concentrate with 1.5 gallons of water in your pump-up sprayer and watch your landscape come back to life!


Replacing color mulch is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Now you can save yourself the money, time and work by using BarkBrite™ to renew your faded color mulch!

BarkBrite™ will color almost any organic mulch including bark, wood chips, pine straw, etc. You can even use it to color other things such as concrete paving stones, sidewalks or faded wood fences. But remember, the color is permanent.


BarkBrite™ is available in three colors to suit any landscape. Choose from Cedar Red, Bark Brown or Jet Black, and start coloring your mulch today.